At Capital Resources, we know Allstate. With more than 80 years of combined experience and $300 million in insurance agency loans originated, we feel confident in our ability to offer your agency genuine advantages. We strive to support the financial needs and goals of captive Allstate agents.

Simply put, we want our customers to succeed.


An Unparalleled Working Relationship

Capital Resources prides itself on offering strong client services. You shouldn’t have to settle for a one-size-fits-all loan program that could hinder your success in the long run. We know how stressful acquiring or expanding an agency can be, and we work closely with our borrowers to ensure the borrowing process is made easy. A few additional ways Allstate agency owners will be provided with an unparalleled working relationship include:

  • Specialized financing for Allstate agents
  • An intimate understanding of Allstate and the insurance industry
  • We build partnerships, not numbered files
  • Sizable solutions


Advantages Not Found Elsewhere

Capital Resources is committed to providing affordable and accessible capital to captive Allstate agents. We strongly believe that your lender should be able to accommodate your specific needs by offering tailored lending products, and at Capital Resources, we do this daily. Additional advantages found at Capital Resources include:

  • Rapid Loan Approval
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Longer Amortizations
  • Low Down Payments
  • Varying Range of Use


Types of Loans Available

Capital Resources provides quality loan products to Allstate agency owners to provide capital for the acquisition of books of business, as well as working capital for expansion and refinancing existing debt. Our loans fit within the unique demands of Allstate, and we have even created a few lending products specific to Allstate borrowers.


Acquisition Loans

Our acquisition loans are best used for buying books of business whether it is your first agency or you’re a multiple agency agent. Capital Resources is proud to offer the longest amortizations currently found in the acquisition market.


TPP Smart Loans and TPP Interest Only Loans

TPP smart loans and TPP interest only loans are only available to Allstate agency owners, and are designed to give agency owners quality working capital regardless of credit score. With these lending products, Allstate agents are able to expand existing operations, refinance existing agency debt, or just give you the leg up that you need.

These loans are great for owners who are already through the start-up or acquisition stages, and are wishing to consolidate debt that may have been acquired over the years.


When you’re ready, we’re ready. If you have any questions regarding our loans or the lending process, contact one of our Capital Resources loan specialists now. We’re ready to make the entire loan process more comfortable and rewarding.




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