How does it work?

  1. Explore our website and then speak with one of our knowledgeable loan consultants to determine what loan product best fits your need.
  2. We will then forward you the forms to complete and list of items needed or you can find them on our website.
  3. Complete, sign and date the Allstate Credit Application and Personal Financial Statement. Return them to us along with the supporting documents listed on the application.
  4. We will process the loan request (in most cases the day it is received) and promptly contact you with any remaining items needed and questions.
  5. Within a matter of days, we will notify you of your loan decision and pricing. We will send you a letter of intent outlining the terms of the loan.
  6. Upon your acceptance (sign and return the letter of intent) we will work to finalize the loan closing date.
  7. Soon thereafter, you will receive a formal letter of commitment with the closing date and any contingencies.
  8. Several days prior to loan closing, you will receive loan documents to sign in front of a Notary Public and return to us a minimum of two business days before loan closing.
  9. Loan will fund via wire transfer on the closing date.