DECEMBER 18, 2017

Why Choose Capital Resources? Better Cash Flow.

For most insurance agency owners, the single most important factor to them when considering an insurance agency loan for their Allstate, Farmers, or independent agency loan is agency cash flow. That is why we have made it a priority to offer insurance agency loans that maximize agency cash flow through minimizing the monthly loan payment on our agency loan products.

We consistently beat out the competition when it comes to the lowest monthly loan payment. This is accomplished through offering some of the most competitive interest rates available today. Additionally, we are able to offer lower loan payments on our insurance agency loans by offering the longest loan terms in the market place. We offer loans with amortizations as long as 15 years. You won’t find that from other lenders very often.

If you are ready to maximize your cash flow by minimizing your insurance agency loan payment on your Allstate, Farmers, or independent insurance agency then contact us today and let’s get started.