Every dollar counts when you own your own business. If your agency’s current loan isn’t working for you, and
you are finding yourself paying too high of or multiple payments or wanting a lower interest rate, it’s time for
loan consolidation or refinancing. Capital Resources strives to make sure your loan is working for you, and
through our ability to think outside of the box we will create a custom financing option that may lead to lower
interest rates, better longer terms, and lower monthly payments which can help increase your cash flow.


A few of the most popular reasons that agents turn to us for financing include:


Refinancing an Existing Acquisition Loan

Have you paid down your original acquisition loan considerably? Are you interested in extending your loan to achieve other professionally related goals? Consider refinancing your existing acquisition loan. By refinancing, Capital Resources may help you to lower your interest rate and speed up repayment, or extend your amortization to lower your monthly payments and increase cash flow.


Consolidate Multiple Existing Loans

Insurance agents, in particular, tend to have multiple seller and acquisition notes. Having multiple lines of credit and loans can prohibit business owners by making it hard to have additional cash flow. Consolidating multiple lines of credit, in addition to simplifying accounting, may lower monthly payments which means more cash flow for any qualified agency owner.


Gain Working Capital

One of the best ways to grow your business is through investing in it. This may mean you plan to increase your sales force, marketing activities or opening a satellite location. At Capital Resources, we provide working capital loans for all of these reasons and more. When it’s time for you to invest in the growth of your agency, we’re here to provide the means to do so.


Exclusive to Allstate Agents: TTP Smart Loans

TPP Smart Loans are designed to give Allstate agency owners the quality working capital they need, even if you don’t have perfect credit. With these lending products, Allstate agents are able to consolidate debt, gain working capital or even pay back taxes.


When you’re ready, we’re ready. If you have any questions regarding our consolidation loans or the refinancing process, contact one of our loan specialists now. We’re ready to make the entire loan process more comfortable and rewarding.




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