Capital Resources is pleased to offer insurance agency owners a more proactive approach to marketing the sale of an insurance agency. For years, insurance agency sellers have utilized web classified listings to list their agencies for sale and to hope for the best. It’s time for a more proactive approach.

Now, Capital Resources is launching it’s Agency Marketing Services. What sets our Agency Marketing Services apart from other classified listings and expensive brokers is, we will actively market the sale of your agency for you, in your immediate market place and beyond.

Let us market your insurance agency for sale and we will strategically blitz your geographic area with direct mail, list emails, a web listing, and more.

Unlike brokers, we don’t charge a commission. We have a set pricing structure based on the number of leads we target, along with the assets listed above. Prices start at $1,500 regardless of agency size and regardless of it’s listing price.



Internet Listing

Every customer who uses Capital Resources’ Agency Marketing Services will be able to create a listing of their insurance agency for sale on our website. Interested buyers will be able to read crucial details about your listing and contact you directly for further discussions.

List Emails

Once your listing has been created we will generate and send an email blast to hundreds of leads within your targeted market. The email will detail your agency and direct traffic to your internet listing and will also invite direct inquiries about your agency.

Direct Mail

Direct mailers remain one of the best methods of marketing. That is why we believe this to be one of the most valuable components of our agency marketing services. We will blanket your marketplace with colorful postcard mailers advertising your agency for sale.

Social Media

Social media has quickly become one of the fastest and most efficient methods of getting any message out. No marketing strategy is complete without leveraging social media as a part of it. We will create a social media post and launch your listing to the masses.


If you’re ready to get started selling your insurance agency, or if you would like more information, then complete this form and we will contact you promptly.