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When seeking capital needed for expansion or acquisition (or other needs), many current and prospective agency owners and financial advisors think traditional bank business loans are their only option. By limiting themselves to conventional bank loans, insurance agency owners and financial advisors subject themselves to painfully slow and archaic lending practices, low lending limits, and loan products that often times don’t meet their unique needs.

Capital Resources doesn’t simply provide financial advisor loans and insurance agency loans to Allstate and independent agents. We leverage our expertise to work with each of our customers individually to develop a custom loan product to achieve their goals.

When choosing a lender, choose a lender knowledgeable of your industry and who already provides loans that are suited to your needs and business goals. Lenders, like Capital Resources, which specialize in insurance agency loans and wealth advisory practice loans, cater directly to professionals like you. If you are interested in obtaining a loan for your current or future Allstate agency, independent insurance agency, or financial advisory practice contact an industry expert at Capital Resources.

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Knowledge-Based Insurance Agency Loans

Capital Resources knows the insurance industry, and provides lending products that suit its unique needs. Forget trying to force a round peg into a square hole with a loan from your bank. With Capital Resources, Allstate and independent insurance agency owners can access insurance agency loans designed to cater to the unique needs of an insurance agency owner. So whether your needs include acquisition financing, working capital or simply refinancing existing debt, we have the right product for you.

Thinking Outside the Box

Many lenders focus solely on credit scores and down payments. At Capital Resources we understand that cash flow is King. If your agency cash flows well, or if you are borrowing money in an effort to improve that cash flow we can work with you to address credit score challenges or small down payments.

Flexible Loan Terms

Capital Resources not only offers loan terms that complement borrowers with both high and low FICO scores, we also offer a variety of amortizations options. In fact, Capital Resources offers loan amortizations that are 25% longer or more than our competitors.

Varied Loan Uses

Insurance agency owners need capital for a variety of reasons. Unlike a bank, Capital Resources offers insurance agency loans for a wide variety of purposes. Borrowers don’t just have to use loans for agency acquisitions. They can use loans to refinance existing debt, acquire new talent, increase office space, pay taxes, settlements, and more. With an insurance agency loan from Capital Resources, you choose how to use your money.

Higher Loan Limits

Most lenders have a predetermined lending limit that is not even based on customer merit. These limits are often based on factors you have no control over. At Capital Resources, we have no predetermined lending limit.

Zero Personal Collateral Required

Choosing to obtain a loan to start, expand, or acquire an insurance agency is stressful financial decision in and of itself. However, being forced to provide home equity, personal property, or a government guarantee (SBA) as collateral can make the situation overwhelming and often times unattainable. With Capital Resources, insurance agency owners only have to provide collateral associated with their insurance agency’s book of business.

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