Since 2005, Capital Resources has been a trusted lender to insurance agency owners across the country. During that time, we’ve learned that when it comes time to buy or sell an insurance agency it can be very difficult to know where to start. We are pleased to offer insurance agency buyers and sellers the opportunity to view and list insurance agencies for sale across the country.

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Agency Sellers – Paid Services

You’ve worked hard to get your insurance agency to where it is today, but now its time to sell. Not everyone has the immediate resources available to them to execute a multifaceted marketing strategy for the sale of their agency.¬†For a small fee you can utilize Capital Resources’ Agency Marketing Services to execute that strategy for you. Click the image below to learn more.

Agency Buyers and Sellers – Free Services

In order to view current insurance agencies listed for sale or to post a new insurance agency for sale, simply click the image below. It is both free to browse the listings and to post a new listing. Member registration is required. Capital Resources is neither the seller nor broker of any listing unless otherwise posted.